Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Linking and learning

Aggregation Day!

I'm looking for reactions to these stories in the theme of what it means for digital news. If you were designing a news website, what would you keep in mind from these stories? What principles or strategies do they suggest to you?

Is Print Media Doomed Worldwide or Just in the U.S.?

"As I walked in the headquarters of the Jawa Pos—the flagship newspaper of one of South East Asia’s largest print media empires—I was wondering just how screwed my profession is; globally I mean."

Dylan Jones: 'News is oxygen and it's a very crowded atmosphere'

The editor of GQ on his political connections, the importance of apps and why he loves the Hay festival.

"The link is, in a way, a technologically advanced form of a footnote. It's also, distraction-wise, a more violent form of a footnote. Where a footnote gives your brain a gentle nudge, the link gives it a yank. What's good about a link -- its propulsive force -- is also what's bad about it."

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